About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I am Lia, and I review books I read. The book reviews will not contain spoilers, unless I clearly stated so, but spoilers are overall pretty rare. I read mostly YA (young adult), fantasy, fiction, contemporary, and science fiction. However I like trying out new genres so sometimes I will read thrillers, romance, or classics. I also write about other things I love, such as writing and very rarely about sciency stuff, like psychology.

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I am currently (this December) hosting a project called Short Story Society in which I write short stories with lovely people. Check out this post for more info.

If you’d like to read more of my writing, I write scribbled scenes, which are short scenes of a few hundred words and I write short stories (maybe in the future even novels!), this post is about how I write and if you want to check out my writing click on the button above (the one with Scribbles & Short Stories on it!).

If you like, you can follow me on wordpress! You can also find me on goodreads, twitter and tumblr and you can always contact me! Please do, don’t be afraid! I wont bite I promise.

I hope to hear from you!